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Myles Headshot I am a college student studying computer science at Worcester Polytechnic Institute(WPI). I have been doing web design for over 5 years and have designed websites for non-profits, for profits, and family members. I have experimented and evolved the mediums and techniques I use over the years. Currently I am favoring custom designed and written frontends and backends using PHP, jQuery, HTML5, and CSS3. This allows for easy customization and advanced backend capabilities.

Mooi, pronounced mo-i, means beautiful in Dutch. It is the essence of what Steve Jobs considered an essential part of technology and I feel similarly. Beauty and ease of use are the two most important parts of any technology, especially websites. A website is a person's or business's online presence and therefore must reflect how they feel and interact with people.


Basic Premium E-Commerce Custom E-Commerce
Approx. Number of Pages 1-5 5+ 5+ 5+
Mobile Friendly Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ability to Have Users No Yes Yes Yes
Admin Backend Basic Content Editing Custom Content Editing Custom Content Editing and Product Management Custom Content Editing and Custom Product Management
Hosting, Domain, Platform, etc. Costs* $7/month $7/month $42/month $85/month
Development Cost* $1,000+ $2,500+ $5,000+ $10,000+
Total Costs* $1,000+ and $7/month $2,500+ and $7/month $5,000+ and $42/month $10,000+ and $85/month

*All prices are estimates and may vary. Contact for a quote.


Call me at 603-933-3004 or send me a message mespencer@wpi.edu